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Orilla (O-ree-yah) is co-led

by the Catalan-Spanish

singer/multi-instrumentalist Ona Kirei and the Colombian-American bassist Alejandro Arenas. 

Much like the meaning of the Spanish word orilla; where the ocean meets the sand, the combination of these two accomplished musicians produces a rich musical ecosystem: Latino and European roots mix with American culture giving way to a uniquely creative multicultural sound. 

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Orilla captivates audiences with their warm, vibrant and expressive sound, varied repertoire, and outstanding musical skills. 


With the occasional addition of keyboard, percussion, live loops, guitar, and even vocoder, Orilla have demonstrated the ability to play any stage, from a small venue, to a big theater, combining a traditional sound with a modern approach. 


Their debut album "Daring Flowers" will be released at the end of July, and presented at the Firehouse (Ruskin, FL), and The Studio@620 (St. Petersburg, FL).





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